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Leather Dog Collars

Kingston Hill - handmade Leather Collars & Leashes

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Handmade leather dog collars

Paw-fect fashion essentials for dogs and their humans

Stylish Design

The Kingston Hill leather collar is a stylish and sophisticated accessory that is designed to make your dog look and feel great.

The leather is expertly stitched and finished, giving the collar a refined and polished appearance that is sure to turn heads.

Our collars comes in a range of colors, from classic black and brown to more vibrant shades like red and blue, so dog owners can choose one that complements their unique personality and appearance.


The Kingston Hill leather collar is designed for durability, making it a great investment for dog owners. Made from high-quality leather, the collar is strong and long-lasting.

The leather is treated to resist the natural elements, making it ideal for active and adventurous dogs.

Our hardware is made from heavy-duty metal, ensuring that the collar is strong and secure. With its superior quality and rugged construction, the Kingston Hill leather collar is the perfect choice for dog owners who want a durable and reliable accessory for their best friend.


The Kingston Hill leather collar is designed for comfort, Made from soft and flexible leather, the collar is gentle on the pet's skin.

The Leather is smooth and supple, allowing it to conform to your pet's neck, reducing the risk of chafing and irritation.  

adjustable designed ensuring that the collar is snug but not too tight, providing a comfortable and secure fit.

Our Story

“Capture your pet’s personality in a wide range of inspiring designer pet collars found at Kingston Hill”
We all know the joyful experiences, memories and companionship our pets bring to our lives.
Celebrate this by enhancing their unique personality with one of our designer collars and leashes
Our designer pet collars are custom produced with unprecedented attention to detail, using only the finest quality vegetable dyed leathers with stainless steel and brass fittings for strength and durability

What Our Customers Say

" I absolutely love the Kingston Hill leather canine collar for my golden retriever! Not only does it look swish, but it's also extremely durable and comfortable for my doggy . The blue padding is a nice touch and provides added softening for his neck. I largely recommend this collar to any canine proprietor!"

Rich Adams

Blue leather dog collar

Classic Premium Blue Leather Dog Collar

Can’t say enough about the customer service! Once I ordered I received an email confirming the size and thank goodness I did because I ordered the wrong size. From beginning to end all of my questions were answered promptly and friendly! The leash and collar I ordered are beautiful and of excellent quality!! I love that I was able to find an original collar and leash for my bulldogge!

Nic perez

Signature Hercules White Leather Dog Collar

Beautiful quality leather dog collar, I love it! Came in lovely velvet bag and the tartan is lovely and soft and padded and is a sturdy collar. Has that amazing real leather smell! Definitely recommend!


Tartan leather dog collar

Classic Premium Brown & tartan Leather dog Collar

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