NEW! Classic Premium Leather Purple Padded Dog Collar


Size Guide

Handmade from Premium Quality 100% Genuine Leather

Elegant and Stylish Slim Light Weight Design of only 3/4 Inch

Built to Last with Strong Durable Stainless Steel Buckle and D-Ring Reinforced with Rivets to Restrain Tough Pulling Dogs.

A Soft Internal Leather Padding With a Flexible Rubber Underbase For Superior Comfort.

20 Inches (50cm) Overall Length and Fits Dogs With a Neck Circumference 14 - 16 Inches

Heavy Duty High Quality Stitching and a Nylon Webbing Backbone for Additional D-Ring Support When Walking your Dog

Made Using Vegetable Dyed Leathers, No Nastie Chemicals.

Reviewed and Loved By Dog Bloggers Worldwide!

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5 EASY STEPS - to measure your dog for a collar

1. Stand your dog up on four legs

Best measurement results are achieved when your dog is standing up on four legs.

2. Measure around your dogs neck

Using a seamstress tape or a piece of string, proceed to take a measurement of your dog’s neck

3. Allow 2 finger spaces

Remember to allow 2 finger spaces, between the tape or string and the dog’s neck for movement to ensure a comfortable fit

4. Record the measurement 

Measure the string with a ruler on a flat surface or note the measurement via the seamstress tape.

5. Follow our “fits neck circumference” size guide below

This will give you the most suitable size for your dogs collar

For example if your dog’s neck size is 40cm, and you require a

Classic range collar your size would be:

 M-50cm which “fits neck circumference 38 - 43cm” 

The collar should fit snug on the dog’s neck, but still allow for comfortable movement. 

Please note: do not compare our collar sizes with other brands as they are all different and always follow our “Fits Neck Circumference” size guide below

Classic Range Collar Sizes:

XXS 35cm - 1.5cm X 35cm long (Fits neck circumference 24cm - 29cm)

XS 40cm - 1.5cm X 40cm long (Fits neck circumference 28cm - 38cm)

S 45cm - 2cm X 45cm long ( Fits neck circumference 32cm - 38cm )

M 50cm - 2cm X 50cm long ( Fits neck circumference 37cm - 43cm )

Signature Range Collar Sizes:

S 45cm - 2cm X 45cm long ( Fits neck circumference 30cm - 35cm )

M 50cm - 2.8cm X 50cm long ( Fits neck circumference 34cm - 39cm )

L 55cm - 2.8cm X 55cm long ( Fits neck circumference 36cm - 44cm )

XL 60cm - 2.8cm X 60cm long ( Fits neck circumference 41cm - 49cm )